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"Combining energetic performances with raw talent, Kirk Farmer is paving the way as an influential Musician in the modern generation of music. Since embarking on his career in 1990, Kirk Farmer continues to captivate fans with his signature sound, fierce passion, and unique performances. You will be hooked from the first note."


                                                                           -- Richmond Music Journal


Kirk Farmer EP

red eyed nights


"Kirk Farmer is a compelling independent artist with an identifiable style and the guts to fully use it. He strikes a balance between skill and soul that many chase but few ever find. This EP is a fine introduction to Farmer’s world and will make you want to drive farther into it to see what else might be hanging around. This is strong stuff that anyone who cares about rock music will want to support."


                                                                 -- Red Eyed Nights EP review by Mike O’Cull 


Kirk Farmer Band 


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